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Long before the present engagements, I lived/worked in Heidelberg, Germany (home of Headquarters, US Army Europe & Seventh Army) as a civilian employee.  (That was September 1976 - May 1980.)

I would suggest that, if this USO Tour idea goes forward, European duty stations be considered as "practice sites" as well as Korea and Japan.  I believe a lot of the Logistics work for the combat areas happens in Europe first.  (Well, it did when I was there and working for the Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics, hehehehe.)

I have guildies stationed "in the sandbox" who manage to do a little EQ/EQ2 when the connections are good.  I also have a friend who is a dependent spouse living on the economy outside Ramstein AFB and using the local German internet system to connect and play.

But if this USO Tour gets off the ground, I can imagine buddies kibbitzing over the shoulders of those who get to log and and learn/play.  Lots of goodwill for Sony, lots of fun for our troops, who face lots of un-fun on a daily basis.

Of course, if this project gets the green light before Fan Faire, it would be a heckuva fine announcement for Smedley's State of the SOE address....

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