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The USO has operataions in many locations and tours everyplace US troops go.  The main word is tour, anything you decide to take along should be easy to transport in moving cases.

PSP is popluar and the PX system never seems to have enough in stock.  All the little hand held games sell well in the PX.  I know PSP is a different arm of Sony.

For SOE you may find a techincian and host to carry around a few computers with games loaded and ready to go.  Just land and plug in at the USO tent.  YOU would need a sateilite broardcasting expert to make this work and you own moblie dish to link to the severs.  Most SOE games eight players are group and that would be enough computer stations.

These computers would be for games and not for e-mail and video chat other people do that already.

The USO and MWR and PX systems all work together to promote stuff.  The host command would help with transport and shipping.

The Provost Marshals office would have to do some securtiy checks also because of the nature of operations securtiy and live data feeds even with games.

The main focus of the SOE crew would be to promote  computer GAME sessions.  Think Free Realms international, allied troops would see this also.

The tour could make rehearsals in Japan and Korea first before moving to more high risk presentations.  The best place to make a first run would be at an US base with training site command doing forward area style operations training.  You may even want to role play this between SOE studios before you ever hit the road.

Please contact the USO;  I think this would be a first time activity for them also.

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