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Minymezz wrote:

Not Vegas again... Please... And for the next poll on where it is, dont screw over the east coasters by letting hackers sign up for a free station account and make Vegas get 1000 votes per hour like the last time. Orlando, great weather, fun things to do, multiple theme parks within 20 mins. Hotels are cheap there too, even cheaper at Datona Bch which is 45 mins tops from Orlando.

Ofcourse food, flights, hotel, and conferance centers as about 3x the price, of Las Vegas.

There is a reason Las Vegas is the Conferance Capitol of the world, and it is NOT the Gaming. It is because it is far cheaper then anywhere else in the world, because it is the only city with multiple convention centers, of the size Fan Faire requires, and therefor the only city where the convention centers have to compete for the convention dollar.

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