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to be honest i WANTED to go again, till i actually went this year. the party was a blast, but the food was HORRIBLE, ( i couldnt eat any of it d/t allergys)  i went to one seminar & they apparently cancled it, WITHOUT telling the ppl who came to SEE it. it was suposed to give ingame items & a bonus raffle suprise. but after sitting in the room for 35 min i went to check & HUH, it was cancled. asked about the items & got a "We will get back to you" (wich did NOT happen). took them over 4 weeks to return the promised 1/2 of reg fee to those with 10 or more =(. at the NINTH aniversary they got the best mount in the game, at the TENTH we got a nasty looking shield ornimentation......... HELLO... i am so dissapointed with SOE atm i barly play anymore. still very frustrated, & even more so because all this seems to have been swept under the carpet. NONE of it is being addressed by ANYONE.  i sure hope our berserkers in EQ are enjoying the GARBAGE they recieved. maybe the GMs should go into the game & look around & see who is actually enjoying the stuff.

& i sure hope i am contacted by someone in EQ affilated with the game regarding these issues.

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