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Biliob wrote:

Dont worry Fromage, she was avoiding me too. This would have been the first time in 10yrs we acually met, and nothing. Didnt even try..... ROFL I posted notes on the bull. board and everything.... Nothing....

geez .. laying on the guilt a bit thick there?   heh.  Fine, the next FF we are both at I will hunt you down even if I have to go from person to person to track you down .. or .. just scream .. "CANTHOVEL!!!".   Of 'course if we both gang up on Vinnie and get him to go it'd be easier to spot each other .. LOL! 

Though, telling you I was the redhead in black with pigtails holding the hand of the bald guy also in black might have helped too .. it's how I described myself to Niami and she tracked me down okay. ... lol .. hind-sight 20/20 ..

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