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Blintok wrote:

thanks for trying to help but i have checked the mentioned group options. I can see the 3 choices. normal, greed/loot all/decine all. Mine was set to normal and still is set to normal. but still a left click on anything lootable - chests.mobs.collections - will pick up everything and place it in my bags. i have no choice to decline looting like i could at one time.I will double check again but i believe "normal" is the default setting.

i am using the default UI except for the addition of the EQ2maps add on.

That's weird.  It should work.  I guess you could try uninstalling EQ2maps and see if that works.  I do know that sometimes my characters will randomly reset back to the default loot window popping up on everything ( I prefer auto-looting ) so might just be a random bug in the game.

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