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Any more, most of us dont want to be bothered with the little window that pops up. So we usually default it to round robin of Legendary and below items. A major change went thru a couple years ago that allows anything that was looted (even fabled) to be traded amoung players for 48 hours (if they were present during the kill). So typically if an item drops that you want just send a tell to the person that got it and usually they will just give it to you. It's kind of become a standard operating procedure if you get my drift.

Options > Group Options > Default Loot Method > Need Before Greed > Dafault Loot Item Rarity and choose treasured+, Legendary+ or Fabled+ > Back to Round Robin or keep it on Need Before Greed if you want to have all pop up windows active.

If your not grouped you must use the above method. If your grouped you can right click your name (default on the top left side of screen) and select Group Options.

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