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Well, last time I looked I was number 3 on test server for highest magic hit...
I am a ranger.

I don't see any vision involved in current game direction except higher numbers that really are not that exciting.
Where is the fun in having a solo dungeon such as Guk, you and your merc can go in and solo it, you and a friend can go in without a healer and promptly get your but handed to you by the first name you run into..there is only enough room for two in the zone? Really?
OK, lets bebop over to a heroic zone with our mercs to heal..whats that, cant hurt them, but its a trash mob, they promptly one shot you and or your merc and your friend and their merc..yep there is a vision. Most of the mobs are carrying a buff that negates whatever you have worked your way up to gain..more vision.
There is something wrong when you are given a FABLED set of gear just for visiting a few random places in the game..Im not complaining because its almost a requirement if you want to survive a few minutes in some of the zones, but I have to ask myself..How did we get to this point in the game? No Vision

I will say tho, the new zones are gorgeous..I found my way out of that HUGE library once, couldn't find the way out again so I have little to offer more than I went outside once and killed a couple of names. More of the I am going to guess that this expansion is going to be about another 5 levels of ascension, and gear with different stats so by the time we get to the end my ranger can hit for the highest magic hit on test .lol
Why does the library have to be so dam big?
Why cant we fly in there?
Oops, so sorry, I got a bit off subject there, lost my vision you might say.
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