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First off, thanks for the excellent feedback so far. The bug reports, detailed explanations, and suggestions have been awesome.

I also wanted to update you on our progress. Up until the end of last week, we spent most of our time trying to improve the lines that would have been difficult to balance because the core mechanics just weren't very fun or useful no matter what the numbers were. There's still some pretty significant tweaking to do for a few classes, but the complete re-do's are finished. Now, we're really focused on getting the numbers right, and as you guys know, they're pretty far off in some cases.

The patch today is intended to bring the numbers in line for Assassins, Beastlords, Rangers, Warlocks, and Wizards. The goal is to have the other Mages and Scouts ready for the patch tomorrow, Priests Wednesday, and Fighters Thursday.

Any number of things could ruin that schedule, so please don't be offended if (perhaps when?) we fail to adhere to it.

Lastly, double conversion specs are intended to be the more versatile option. For example, a Fighter might want some DPS and some tanking abilities. If everything is balanced as intended, classes with two DPS lines should always find that choosing one line yields a greater output. Thanks again to everyone who has helped test these abilities!



Personally I don't think SOE is going to be able to fix the most broken class (rangers) in the past five years with one fell swoop, let alone make numerous classes future prestige lines more desirable then double conversion. Mad props for assuming they can though. I still think double conversion is a terrible and horrible idea and that if *even* ONE class has to choose it, that its one class TOO MANY.

The trees should of been seperated / independent from each other from the get-go. The choices should of simply been if you wanted to go Left then right or Right then left or left and left or lastly right and right, those should of been the options. Double conversion is terrrible, terrible, terrible and its going to be (imo) the lasting botched mark of contention for what seems to be an overall good expansion.

And if I'm wrong and they fix *everything* like Smed believes will happen, then I'll come here bump my message and admit I was wrong. But I get the feeling that won't happen.



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