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Cronyn wrote:

Nebbeny wrote:

I ran through Ancient Vault whilst on this step, after spending ages running around trying to find another zone near the old chelsith, didn't get an update. Any ETA on when the fix for this will be in so we can carry on doing the quest?

Actually, I put a pointer in for this today.  BUT, you can get to where you need to go if you talk to Clessi Hergravis on the ship where you find Erus Dal'viv.  She can port you right outside the Ancient Vault. 

I went to the zone in prior to posting and ran through the zone hoping to get an update somewhere in there but no such luck.  After seeing this post and using the teleport, quest dinged whilst swimming between port point and the zone.  Unless you fixed this recently then the update area must be pretty small since I missed it the first time SMILEY

However, rest of the quest updated just fine and I got the disco on the reward, so first I guess SMILEY

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