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Is a bad idea and should not be allowable. (imo)

For the most part, you the developers have spent a great deal of time (especially with each subsequent test patch update note to modify the new prestige abilities you have developed for all the classes)

Honestly the new prestige abilities need to have their own seperate tab, completely un-associated with the present in game prestige line.

Allowing the new prestige abilities to be linked with the current prestige tree we have is extremely limiting to all players option(s), not only to mention that most (albeit not all) but still most classes are simply going to go with double conversion, as is out matches / makes all the new prestiges undesireable. (which is a dang shame tbh) Not only to mention that it also forces players hands to either do one of three things. Go all left / go all right, or take neither choice and just leaveing double conversion with 1 point in either tree afterwards.

Allowing players to have two separate prestige tabs/trees at least allows for more mixing and matching, as well as more customizing, which I think ultimately the majority of players want. (but who knows, I could very well be wrong /shrug)

Regardless please give it an honest thought.



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