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yep ya gotta remember every 'zone' in Eq1 has a corrosponding 'ethernere' area. so I imagine Droag/Iksar/sarnak/dragons would be in the Kunark/Velious areas. the DE mostly around the Nek forest area, dwarves around BB and so on...forggies mostly would be in what we'd call the 'Moors' section.

and who the heck knows what the ethernere version of where the Ratonga come from might be.

we're only getting Feerott...which was mostly lizardmen/Ogres....and Loping Plains..which is were/vamp central.

so a smattering of the other races kinda makes sense that way.

Ratonga...underground somewhere I think.  Not Sundered Frontier, that's Roekies.  Ratonga for a long while were in FP or Gorowyn.

There are the ones in Kaladim...can't remember what they're called, Rattiliks or something like that.

But yah, I see your point, one that I utterly missed. 

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