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  • Handracted carpenter books now have things to make your houses more fuller.
  • Tinkering Temp adornments and potions are now named Machined.
  • Handcrafted recipes are now no-value.
  • Judicators Taftan may now be crafted from the advanced provisioner book.
  • Mastercrafted carpenter items are now...Mastercrafted.
  • Grandmaster Ascension reicpes that required a Clestial Spellshard may now be crafted with either a Spellshard or Foundation.

  • Corrected a bug that made Whispers of the Past a thing of the past.

  • Converted all power restoration abilities to a % of the casters power.

  • Celestial Adornment of Extra Attacks (2H) now indicates that it is (2H)
  • Tinkering Temp adornments and potions are now named Machined.
  • Archivist's mount gear is now named Academic's to match with other mastercrafted gear.
  • Added tradeskill classes to the required classes for tradeskill mount gear. This is part one of making it so that they do not check for adventuring levels, which is still in progress.
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