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you can deceive to steal or to play tricks

but you can control and kill ... deceive would be more neutral or chaotic (in D&D words) but not necessarily evil.
Though in fights evil characters would just kill without thinking or deceit for their own gain by inflicting pain or submit people.

also those 3 factions hate each other. We all know too well .. when you are biased and think you are the best, you can do bad thing in name of good. Though we just arrive and we may help them .. but would be in our ways with our reasons.

that I could understand an evil help a neutral faction for his own purpose. Get stronger ... it's just sometimes talks. As an evil character, if I need to fight people .. I don't try to reason them first. I don't care. I'll punch them and if they don't surrender I would kill them. Good characters might try to reason them and spare them/ let them leave if they are no threat anymore.
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