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The EL WF is now level 40-79.

The guards in the EL WF are level 69 and hit level 70's for 5k almost every time you hit them.

The majority of the PvPers level 40-79 are locked at level 70.  All we do on those toons is run around killing the few Q's that may show up, and wait for the timer on the WF to run out while talking about how dumb it is that we cannot help kill the guards.

I am almost 100% sure that an EL WF has never been completed since the change, I have never seen more than 1 guard go down, and I've only seen that happen once.

Please fix this so we can actually kill the guards and complete these WF's instead of running around for 30 minutes hunting down the one or two Q's left on the server

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