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Ya, it's a bit of a crude thing to live so far away from the fan faire.  Vegas has won by default as being the place for fanfaire in the past. People that setup and visit fanfaire mostly agree it is the best location, not everyone will agree to that.

Personally I would like to have fan faire 30 min away from my home.  I have to admit, there isn't much on the east coast, Florida is nice but not a whole lot better than vegas because hotels are expensive and hard to find when school is out, every kid wants to visit florida and see universal or dw.  Boston and Newyork are difficult to navigate compared to the vegas strip.

3 Reasons:

- Cost to Ship/Transport all the computers, equipment, people,hampsters, ect. to the other side of the US costs more.- Availability of large hotels and conference rooms with plenty of parking and transportation in a central area.- Lower costs to make the fan faire possible means it costs less money for people to attend fan faire.

Vegas is easy to travel in, everything is right there on the strip (unlike boston, NY, Florida).  Gambling as well as other things to do are legal in Nevada.  Plus if everything completely fails, at least you will be entertained by all the pretty lights. 

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