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Its all well and nice that a plurality of people want it to be in LV every year.

Its been there for what, 5 out of the last 6 years now? I did go to the last one that was not in LV, and was looking forward to going again sometime when it gets back to the Eastern area of the US again.  After all, most guilds seem to operate on Eastern time in the game and raid on that schedule as well.

I bet the majority of customers would like to attend it in other areas of the country, and it is a disservice to most of the national active players to keep it in the far west corner of the continental US for 4 consecutive years running.  Do employees (that do not actively play SOE MMORPGs) get to vote on this location, against active paying customers?

If merely a plurality votes for it to be in LV, then the majority is voting for it to be outside of LV. Is it smart, or fair, to have 5/6 FF in LV and not rotate it to other areas of the country anymore?

5/6 years in the same place is a failure on your part to connect with your customers- if less than 5/6 of your base wants it to be forever locked in LV.

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