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She saw autumn leaves swirl into a portal.

“It will take you to Antonica Cub,” a cream Ratonga said helping her up.

“Thank you,” Mordedana said before she jumped through the portal.

On the other side was an old pink and black Iksar with a ghostly wolf at her side. She ran and embraced Mordedana “I always knew you would follow. Come now let's go home.”

Mordedana turned “What about the druid?”

Mazsra smiled “Tetri can take care of herself,” she grabbed her by the shoulder “Now tell me what took you so long?”

Two years later Mordedana is officially a Paladin. She still works to atone for her past sins and follows Mithaniel Marr. Approximately one year ago young Franklin arrived in Qeynos to continue his training under Mordedana whom he still calls Mordy. He is now a registered squire. It is unknown when Mordedana will feel she has fully atoned for her sins probably never but one thing is certain her heart remains pure and always will do what is right.

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