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The_Cheeseman wrote:

Honestly, the combo stance is mostly useless, really. When tanking, defensive is the only real option (especially once it gets that 5% damage reduction that's meant to cover for our lost mitigation) and when not tanking, you may as well go offensive (or just stay defensive to increase the effectiveness of your avoidance buff).

That may be true for high end heroic instances and raids, but for my playstyle, tanking in Black Widow Stance frequently comes in handy. I realize that it's silly to ask SOE to accommodate every single way of playing EQ2 (even though they're the one who coined the phrase "Play it your way"), but as the middle stances are already in the game, it would take no effort at all to just let them remain, and thereby make people like me, my monk friend and the OP happy.

It might not be the biggest or worst change coming our way in this update, but it will have a negative impact on the game for me. So, definitely worth getting "upset" about for some of us.

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