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No one seems to have heard anything at all.  Niami has an email out to a dev, I have one out to a dev, nothing so far.

I fully understand their being buried under everything that is the chaos of Chains of Eternity, but something has to be said.  At least a "yes" or "no" about the common books being on the merchant and whether or not there will be a questline for the advanced.

Niami states books are 1000p on broker as is, imagine prices when this hits live.  The wholesale slaughter of mobs in every region for these books, not only in Etherenere, but anywhere there are mobs of the level needed.  That means Withered Lands will be affected as well as soon as it's known these books will drop there.

This is chaos waiting to happen.  I know this sounds molehill to mountain, but it really isn't.  This will happen.  High prices, mobs being slaughtered, questing interfered with, just general unhappiness.

There are thirteen days left until live...

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