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I can see getting the advanced books out in the wilds as we once did before the faction merchants were put in (Rok, SF, etc), but the essentials?  Really?

Do you have any idea how much prices are going to be if this carries over into live?  Or is this a way to get crafter only or crafter/sometime adventurers out into the wilds?

I'd really like to say that this is just an "oops", but given they aren't on the guild merchant or tinkering or adorning etc, this really doesn't look good or bode well.

Will there be any questlines for crafters?  If not, then a place for these to be available would be in the cave where the outpost is in Withered Lands.  If not him, then Phaedrus (sp?) over at Tears of Tunare.

/waiting and waiting for answers...

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