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Kaitheel wrote:

You should be able to see the portal at the wizard spiress.  Can you not see the black swirling mass there?


I don't know if I'm on the same step and should see the same thing, but while on Tourbillion Interruption, I now see spires (complete spires, same as in other areas, like Lavastorms and such, not broken) but there's definatedly nothing in the middle of them. No kind of swirl. I was in High Perf wit hparticles to max, switched to High quality, still nothing.

EDIT: ok, now I'm on the right step and there's indeed a black & violet mass swirling on the spire platform. Shouldn't it show before we have to stop it though?The art of the nether space is very good. I thought I would enter another of those grey empty spaces but the new texture of it is perfect!

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Once more, you need to land the killing blow to get this quest to update. Could it be changed to group validation? This is really a pain for summoners. If my pet kills them, I don't get update either.

There's not a lot of Tiruns in the vicinity so I would suggest asking for 9 skirth but only 4 Tirun instead of 8. Yes, I know, there's more in the valley around, but they're not as easy to get.

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