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From the posts I have read I came up with an idea that may make the apprentice or future ones a bit more fun, probably will never happen though: 

As normal, you go to the tradeskill area to hire your apprentice and place him/her in your home or wherever and go on choosing a recipe for them to research and do the daily quests and all to reduce the time. Now it comes time to claim your recipe and here is where it gets fun;


Once you hit the claim button one of two things may happen, 1) you receive the recipe that was being researched, or 2) the apprentice that you hired is actually a spy for the opposing faction, in which case, the spy will become agro to you (scales to the artisans adventure level) and you must fight to the death. Would be fun to see the apprentice throw a tantrum or something before revealing themselves.


If you die then you are teleported to a room where the spy that killed you is offering you a cup of tea or something and details everything and states that he did not want to become a spy for but was compelled to do so and that he had to fight you in such a way to make it look real, as if you really died.


In the end you are ported back to your original location given your original reward and a new apprentice, almost like as if nothing happened at all.




You defeated and killed the spy, when you inspect the dead spy you find that he/she has an extremely rare item and once you claim it (if you don't claim it see Paragraph above)  you will be immediately transported to a room in the city of your opposite faction (ex. Qeynos -> Freeport, Freeport -> Qeynos, etc.) and you speak to an NPC about the object you just removed from the spy and you will be offered a quest to find out more about the object.


If you decline the quest you get transported to your original location and rewarded as usual.


If the quest is accepted, the NPC sends you to a class trainer of your opposing city, the class trainer is the opposite of the class trainer you would see in your home city. Once you find the trainer, the trainer will then give you the location of the black market trader in your city where you can turn in the object you got from the spy to upgrade any item (i.e. Legendary > Master crafted fabled item) you are wearing or a spell upgrade. The quest ends once you have chosen the item or spell to upgrade.


Something like that and this obviously would be a very rare event/occurrence but IMO a fun alternative to what is now in place.

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