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The research panel of the spellbook should have a dropdown at the top

"spell research", "tradeskill apprentice", "dreshnak", "yelnar"

You probably default to spell research, and the window otherwise is unchanged.  You select another researcher, and you get that researcher's current status window, and select the recipe to research.  ALL of the researchers should send notification when a recipe or spell is ready to pick up.

The tradeskill apprentice in your house is still useful, because he/she offers a daily quest if you want to do it.  The droags would no longer be needed, but they probably should offer some sort of interaction, like a daily quest for the same reward as the adventure solo daily in skyshrine, or a chance for a t10 rare.

Dozekar should drop two or three research stones.  The raid dropped components are pretty rare, so there's not much point to having everyone researching recipes, but they would enjoy the game a lot more if they could get the researcher.  The current drop rate is just too constrictive.  Having everyone in the raid get one seems like overkill, but it would be fine, as the real roadblock is the components.  Nevertheless, I'd personally think 3 per kill.

ps: Add a checkbox for "show max level spells only" to the research tab.

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