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Please, no more tradeskill research/apprentice assistants!  One was enough & now each crafter needs two.  Please, don't do it for the next expansion.  If you are married to the whole "wait 18-30 days for a recipe" thing, then require our tradeskillers to wait that long to research the new recipes.  --OR-- Expand upon the current researchers so we don't have to get more of them.   I really do not want a house crowded with a bunch of researchers.  It's truly unneccessary as one would have been more than sufficient for each crafter.   I'm having a hard time keeping track of whose researching what and my house is now littered with 25 researchers.I'm sure there will be those non-crafters (or maybe even some crafters) who will say, "then don't get them for all of your crafters".  Please don't listen to them.  For most crafters, if they get their character up to max level, they are not going to want to miss out.

Thank you for your consideration.


I was going to make a thread on this today as well...

I HATE the apprentice system, it blows, it sucks, its silly, it doesn't provide me content, its the most aweful gating mechanic I can possibly think of for a game.

Let me explain why.  I tradeskill to occupy the gaps of time between the other things I do in game.  I log in and have 40 mins till raid, not really enough time to do a group, so I look to do some tradeskilling.

Here's the fracking problem, there is NOTHING TO DO for tradeskilling, cause everything there is to earn is just hail some dude and wait.

The game would be infinitely better if by spending some time, I dunno doing tradeskilly stuff, I could get better at tradeskilling.  I could go earn som fracking recipes by doing missions or other things.  I could buy them with these silly city tokens I accumulate by tradeskilling and have no use for.

The apprentice system is aweful, it needs to go away, to die a lonely death and to never be heard from again.  

There is nothing worse than deciding to do some tradeskilling and having jack-all to actually do.

I agree with the system being awful. Got a couple when they first came out, used them once and not since. I found no real use for them, especially for my carpenter.

That sounds like a complaint about the recipes, not the apprentice itself.

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