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Giallolas wrote:

Sorry took so long to reply.  I would agree with that portion of the OP in that just adding more and more research assistants isn't the answer.  I like the one I had and wished that they would just improve upon it.  I do not agree that we should scrap them completely.  Because I do not like to just complain without offering tangible solutions, some of the things I'd like to see them improve uponw would be:

1.  Give us different races to choose from.  Perhaps similar to the guild hall ammenities in that you could choose the sex or the race.

2.  Roll ALL of the apprentice researcher recipes into one.  I never imagined that I would one day end up with 2-4 researchers per toon.  One is good enough for me.  The new recipes for each expansion would become available after I do some kind of unlocking quest equivalent to doing the quest/raid to get the new researcher now.

3.  Please decide if my apprentice is a true crafting apprentice or if it's just a researcher.  I always wanted an apprentice that would help me in my crafting career.  That is, perhaps I could ask my apprentice to make my provisioner a stack of drinks that I already know.  Make it take him/her 5 days (or whatever they deem) to make this stack and I would then help him, just like we do now, to quicken that pace.  Maybe my apprentice would just give me certain buffs while I'm crafting to help my progress or durability.  Maybe the apprentice would do my running around, meaning he/she would also be a merchant for my crafting class's merchant bought goods (water, kindling, sugar, etc for provie).  Maybe this apprentice would help me conserve my raws while I'm crafting.  To explain, perhaps while they're assisting I would use one less fuel, one less of each of the common ingredients, or something like that.  Something that made me feel like they were actually helping out.

4.  I like the fact that they're researchers.  I like the cool gear they can research for me.  I wish that we'd just call them researchers and then look to give us real apprentices.  I do not need 2-4 researchers and still not have any real apprentices though.

I'm not advocating that we dump the researchers completely.  I wish they did more and had more thought put into them.  I think a more dynamic relationship with our apprentices would be really fun and help a crafter feel like they make a difference.  I wish there was only one of them and not so many.  So yes, I agree with the OP that I do not want anymore researchers.  But no, I don't think we should just make the whole apprentice/researcher idea go away.

I agree 100% and I like your ideas.  I really wish there was more we could do with the apprentices / researchers.  It's a part of the game that could have been expanded on so much but at this time it feels very "unfinished".

And please, no more new researchers!

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