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Kaaji1359 wrote:

Hey guys...

So I want to come back to EQ2 to play my 80 Brigand again, but I never bought the Kunark expansion.  I read that if you try out EQ2 with an account and then upgrade to an existing paying account, you get to keep all the expansions and adventure packs.  Is that true for me if I re-subscribe??  I doubt I'll re-subscribe if I have to buy an expansion pack... 

Also, is there a way to 100% verify that my characters are still there BEFORE I pay for the re-subscription fee?



If you upgrade from a trial to a full subscription then you get every expansion for free except the most recent one(Shadow Odyssey).  While we don't have a similar promotion for returning players, any player that was inactive over last summer automatically received all of those same expansions for free as well.  I would advise contacting our support line through phone, e-mail, or chat so that we can check what expansions your account contains.  We should be able to grant you a couple days of free game time as well so that you can see if your characters are still there.

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