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I have been reading as much as I can about the new combat changes and one thing comes to mind... this is becoming EQ1 all over again!  Sure there are still enough things different, the graphics for one, but come on.  I play a 50 Guardian and the new changes make us look a lot like Warriors from EQ.  Lots of hitpoints, taunts and oh yeah zip, nada for DPS.  Noone really wanted them except for raids.  Templars will now heal/nuke, that sounds just like a cleric now doesn't it.  All they need is to be able to sit on a mount and regen power faster.  Then sit back and daydream until the tank dies and "Oh [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]! somebody help me or I'll disband!"  We even have sentient beings dropping coin!  All we need is for AA's to make their appearance and the transformation to the dark side will be complete!  Those are only a couple of the many similarities that we noticed.  Sure Bow Kiting is most likely dead as we know it, but then it was never supposed to be there in the first place.  Does it make any sense for a 50 Ranger to be able to bow kite Tundra Jack all day long?  No it doesn't reguardless of what any of you might say.  That was pure BS.  So, some of the changes are for the better, yet everyday this game turns into what I dispised about EQ.  Am I gonna threaten to quit if SOE goes ahead with this crap, nope.  I will try it out and make my decision from there.  I just hated sitting in a group for what seemed like hours going: 
secondary DPS?
SLOWER?  Dam, no slower! 
Anyone know a GOOD Slower?
Tank "sorry guys gotta log... wife aggro!"
Great, now we need a Tank and a Slower!
If the devs aren't careful, I fear this is our future.
Just a thought, blast away!
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