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Seconding everything thats already been said really. 

As a MT I won't be able to use the main defensive ability when it's designed to be used because it will kill me. Guardian Sphere was changed to not intercept because of this very reason.

Can't we just change it to apply a stoneskin to the closest 5 people in a similar way to how Sphere was changed to proc stoneskins instead of intercept?

What is the reasoning behind having it as a traditional intercept? 

Shield Bash - Looks to me to just be Reversal for blocks only and on a 10 sec timer. We've tried to tell you countless times just how little DPS/Hate this ability actually does for us. I can't see this one being a great deal better.

Offensive line - I'm somewhat confused why the offensive line has DR as one of it's main benefits, shouldn't it apply CB or something similar and stack on the triggers rather than DR?

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