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Bauglir wrote:

I have been to the training dummies...  Can't seem to break 40k dps.  Yes I have ET 2.0.. just missing manaburn.

How many hours have you spent on the training dummies?

Honestly I don't care if you and others think I do not have a clue.  I know I do.. and I know what I am seeing.

I don't know whether you have a clue or not, I do know based of what you have provided that you do not have a clue how to play the Conjy decently, much less optimally.

Basiclly Conjuror Class = More dependant upon other classes buffs, gear, and high AA skills to be competitive with their fellow classes.

You haven't played other classes at end game so this is just a SWAG and it is not the least bit accurate.

I get it. 

No you don't.

Hopefully this helps returnign players that might be on the fence in regards to a class choice.

Nothing that you say would be of help to any player as far as class choice goes.

I'm too busy to be bothered leveling up something else beyond my SK alt but its nice to be able to help people avoid wasting their time on this class.

Well when you find the time bump this thread so we can keep an eye on whateer forum for your failures there.

As Banditman said PEBCAK, or PEBKAC whichever way, I think most of the posters and people reading this thread know which of you two is right.

All actions have consequences and repercussions.

Somewhere in Norrath a guild is about to dissolve.
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