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just ran though rawr(sp?) dungeon with raid geared melee warden.  There wasn't much challenge before in the dungeons i've run and playing as myself took out even the challenge of minimizing the number of mobs pulled at a time.  There is a definate scaling issue.

You are in Raid gear, if SOE makes DM dungeons a challenge for Raid gear players it defeats the entire reason for them.  This is a casual player non-raider feature.  Now at some point SOE might want to look at a flag you can turn on and off for DM's if you chose too, to make them more "Heroic" for raid geared toons that say give 1.5x's the tokens, but making them challenging for a raid geared player right out the gate would be a disaster and create yet another unused game feature since the average player wont be able to beat it reasonably

This is the reason we chose to launch with Avatar's in the first place.  In order to properly scale the challenge of the zone it'll take much more than looking at character level.  We'll need to consider AA's, spell mastery level and gear quality.

Then once we have a value to measure player power, scaling the NPC's is a different hurdle.  Currently we can only dynamically adjust tier and level.  Modifying stats such as crit, potency, etc is much harder to do on a scaling basis.  Normally those mobs have "buff packages" on them that increase their stats for a given expansion or zone.

It will take some time but we will continue to work on a solution to make the dungeons scalable and try to maintain an even challenge level across all players.  Until we do that, rewards will need to be disabled for play as your character.

Adjusting to the character stats is insane.  Just adjust to the difficulty of normal content.  Then, let the player select their difficulty level with 1 being standard solo/group and scale up linearly from there to a pretty high level that will be very hard to defeat.  For rewards give a much smaller amount for playing your own character than the avatars and give a less than linear increase in reward for higher difficulty (diminishing returns).  Let the players balance the dungeons themselves.  It might be necessary to limit how often a particular dungeon can be played to 1/day (while playing your own character only?) to reduce the exploitability of the system.  It might also be a good idea to limit how many dungeons a person can do per day on a particular character as well.

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