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Once upon a time, long ago in the age of Sentinel's Fate, when we walked uphill both ways because we had no flying mounts, when men were men and women were men pretending to be elves talking dirty to each other in hotel rooms....

The developers looked out over all the classes in the land and said, "Harken, for we shall give unto thee a new class ability that thee may further differentiate thineselves from thy compatriates. Thou thee thine thus etc.

"To the warlock, who we love best because thy class is badass, we give you this awesome new proc spell that thee shall be righteously metal in all of your destructiveness."

And it was good. And they continued onwards, until...

"To the guardian, who we have decreed shall excel at taking large single target hits to the face due to thine love of paint chips as childes, we give this neat stoneskin thing. Have fun and stuff.

"Lastly, to the noble berserker, who excels at gathering huge mobs and slaying them all with great relish, we give thee this ability that heals you muchly when you are taking many low damage hits but is not quite as good for spike damage."

And it was still good! Until lo, on the horizon, entered the angry priests. You see, stat consolidation had given their classes the ability to do more DPS than ever before, and they were hungry for power. Not content merely to smash things in the face while healing and buffing and still being indispensible for doing almost anything, they also wanted to have the highest green numbers all the time.

"But my friends," said the berserker, ever loyal and unsuspecting of betrayal, "my friends! Do you not see that this healing supremacy is only against trivial content with large numbers of mobs, and only in thirty second bursts? Are we not all on the same teame here?"

Alas, the whining was great, and Sony of Online decreed that henceforth, all fighters shall be given stoneskins and death prevents to make balance more easily acquired, paving the way for the day when they all could be merged into one class known as FIGHTER who would seeke to maximize FIGHTER STAT. The berserker, of course, would still be required to keep a random proc up for their defensive skills and have massive power drains and negative drawbacks attached to everything, lest their innate awesomeness allow them to rise above the homogenization. But that is a story for another day.

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