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Im not really in the business of backing up Tal. But if you read above he was just venting at the Guards who were putting their nose in where it wasnt wanted. Showing them what the alternative is if they dont fix Crusader and Zerker heals - nerf bats to brawlers and guards. 

LOL!  My nose goes where it must.  Wanted or not. 

I usually am on the side of fixing classes vs. nerfing them.  Sony only seems to know how to nerf classes, or maybe it's only the ones I play.  I was frustrated and needed to vent.

Us guards had our noses pushed into the dirt for quite some time.  We are in agreement other fighters need to be looked at to do their primary job of tanking effectivelly.  Fighters do not need critical heals to do there primary job of tanking. 

Then, Pray tell, tell me what we need to Survive?

What easier way would make my class work better as a Berserker/SK/Paladin then not allowing my heals/wards to critical properly?

Adding Stoneskins? - Guardians would complain, thats there area.

Adding Avoidance? - Brawlers would complain, thats there area.

Amuse me.

The Shadowknights/Paladins that have raid MT'd in raid I've been in have been surviving just fine.

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