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Oh my god, there 500 HPS healing/Wards are going to be 1400 HPS after they Heal Crit, the world is ending!

Meanwhile your stoneskins and avoidance is preventing over 5000-7000 on the damage reduction parse.

Maybe the simple fix is to nerf stoneskins and avoidance, Stoneskins should only reduce damage by 50% instead of 100%, Avoidance should be changed to glancing blow and prevent 1-99% damage (its a random roll).

And there it is.   The Nerfbat is always ready to swing.

You DO realise that healing doesn't prevent those devastating MAs/Flurrys like Stoneskins/Avoidance does?  Or did that NOT cross your mind once?

Sure, so lets fix (nerf) that.

Tal,  If your blowing your stone skins on ma/flurries your using them wrong anyhow.  Stone skins are to be saved for the massive scripted AOES.  Healers, avoidance transfers, mitigation, shields, defensive abilities etc are to be used for the damage from the MA/flurries.  Screaming nerf, nerf, nerf, is not going to get you your heals back.  Its going to alienate the tanking community away from you.

Im not really in the business of backing up Tal. But if you read above he was just venting at the Guards who were putting their nose in where it wasnt wanted. Showing them what the alternative is if they dont fix Crusader and Zerker heals - nerf bats to brawlers and guards. 

Its currently balanced well in the favour of avoidance / stoneskin tanks like brawlers and guards. Crusader and zerker survivability is terrible this expansion. Something needs to be done. Although I dont agree that it should be in the form of self healing, because that has always been terrible on any content that mattered. It was just a solo farming tool really.

Obviously the strikethrough issue needs to be sorted. And all tanks need access to the same quality / number of death saves and damage blocks.

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