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I have a slightly different perspective.  I PvP almost 100% of the time.  I love the Warden 45% SoW.  My Fury used to be the group SoW'er because I didn't contribute as much buffwise as our Warden, so that was one way I could give back.  While I feel a little more guilty these days using my me-only 35% in-combat Fury speed buff, I absolutely love the more speed our group gets from the Warden 45% SoW, and our group's Warden feels even more needed.  SMILEY 

Bottom line, the game is more enjoyable for me and my guildies at a higher speed, and increasing the SoW's means we don't need horses to get it.  I applaud the devs for all of the new speed boosts in the game (e.g. Warden's 45% SoW, Fury's 35% in-combat speed boost, Shaman's 50% SoW). 

But, I think the speeds--or something--still needs a tad bit of tweaking.  Bards got royally shafted as one of their main buffs became obsolete.  SMILEY  I also agree that Druids (leather, wolf/lion, speed-oriented) shouldn't be slower than Shamans (chain, big bulky bear).  I think the Druid/Shaman thing could be corrected by making the Warden SoW 50% to 55%.  I think Bards need to be thrown a bone though.  If they're not going to be the speed-buffers, then they need something else IMHO. 

These are minor tweaks.  All in all, I'm very very very happy the devs decided to add FUN AA's to the game.  SMILEY  Increasing runspeed from 20% to 45% is fun.  Thanks. 

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