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Senvares wrote:

This topic is for bringing back the SC memberships. There are many reason why it should be back on the market. To start if your going to have expansions, character pack, race packs, bag slots spell exc exc... things that can obtained through a membership then why have cold feet and remove the memberships from the mrket if almost everything can be purchased from the market then there should be no need to leave items out.

Hurts revenue to an insane level when you consider double/triple station cash.  Should have never been allowed in the first place.

There are many people who perfer difrent ways of payment and we must respect all who does weather its those who pay with buying SC, SC Cards, using debit cards, using credit cards or prepaid cards we must respect all forms of payment no matter if you disagree or not because you are not the only person in the world.

You can still do membership with SC cards, just not with the double/triple involved.

some people prefer paying there memberships with SC at the fact that maybe the person has to drive a long distance just to purchase a SC card and we all know that gas prices are not the greatest some state/towns reaching over 10.00$ per gallon. Maybe this person would rather not want to have a reacuring membership.

Some people prefer using the SC cards for their membership not everyone does at the downfall of losing benifits but having that few extra SC for market items.

Some people perfer using a credit card for reacuring membership to gain that 500SC a month advantage.

SOE does need to learn though that all payment types should be available and noone should be left out of the equation we do not live in a world were everyone thinks the same way or does things the same way people have there difrent ways of doing things. There are people out there who have to have things done a certain way and that needs to be respected some can call it OCD but it still needs to be respected in anyway, shape or form.

So i am asking that SC membership to be brought back into the marketplace there are ways to limit this as far as SC goes maybe change how much the membership is such as a % instead of doing double or triple station cash days. A % off would still bring in the revenue via vs the triple or Double station cash days. If  days such as the triple or double SC days Disable the Purchasing of game time until those days are over.

I do respect everyones opinion but please refrain from forcing your opinion upon others. (forcing opinions means trying to change someones mind into agreeing with you)

Quit beating a dead horse.  You're massively inexpensive subs/expansions are not coming back.  Should have never been allowed in the first place, obvious mistake.

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