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Castle Highhold and Ssraeshza Heroic Instance have had levels adjusted better fit the progression of instances.

Savage Defiance now increases the stats by 5%.
Vital Trigger now properly sets its reuse on termination.
Shadow now properly hits its target, rather than the casters.
Sniper Squad now works more similarly to Shadow.

Spirituality now increases Potency by 3% of the beastlord's base potency per rank.
Feral Rampage now increases the beastlord's ability damage by 3% per rank. This behaves similar to the new mythical effect.

Frigid Gift and Frostsword now work with all types of damage.

Focused Offensive no longer doublecasts combat arts in PVP.

Shattered Seas:Temple of Doom- All of the Shissar Codex buffs have been adjusted.
Minds Behind the Barrage - an Akhevan lifetaker and Akhevan attackers respawn much faster now.
Shattered Seas: Seeds of Malice - All updates within the "Ossuary of Malevolence: Primordial Altar" now update for the entire group.
Body of Work - Spiteweed lasts longer after attacking with rash, allowing more time to harvest.
Allu'thoa Abduction - Allu'thoa high shaman can no longer resist Corrith's Barbed Grasp.
Allu'thoa Abduction - Allu'thoa high shaman is much stronger now!
Shattered Seas:Temple of Doom- Shielding Scales, one of the Shissar Codex buffs is much more helpful!
Battlefield relief - Highhold defenders are now guaranteed to be spawned if their risen attackers are present.
Battlefield relief - The grouped risen Shralok and risen Mucktail attackers have had their Bone Tempest and Bone Bash attacks lowered.
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