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I'm just going to point out that 2 of the potion rewards are probably more useful than colossal reactants. With the availability of Skyshrine crafting parts (prime and regular) becomming more common the potion of innovation becomes more valuable. Also if your leveling up a new crafter any of the insta-death combines (epsecially shawl combines), this potion makes the quest trivial.

The progress potions are a godsend for any crafting class looking to mass produce anything. Sometimes I make backpacks to donate to my guild. Each potion lets me grind out over 40 backpacks in 10 minuites. Not only does the potion make me produce more each tick, it also keeps me focused on crafting for the potion's duration. Instead of being lulled to sleep by crafting, I'm on edge: that is worth more than the actual benifit I'm getting from the potion.

Colossals? Nice gear to twink a brand new 90 till they can get to 92. The chest is hard to replace, but the rest isn't.

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