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Twyxx wrote:


Blazing Weapons' damage has been reduced by 25%.

Erolissi's Heartseeker's damage has been increased by 25%.

Burning's Damage has been doubled.

Rapid Salvo and Repeated Salvo have had their damaged increased by 30%.

Rapid Fire's damage has been increased by 2.5 times.

Empowered Salvo is now 60% per point.

Blazing Shot and Flaming Weapons have had their reuse time doubled and their damage increased by 2.4 times.

Hidden Show now has a 1.5 second cast time.

Hidden Assault now has a 1.5 second cast time.



Still have to test it out, but on paper this all seems positive. 


Reduced cast time on Hidden Shot/Assault is long overdue and positive. I'm fine trading personal dps in Blazing Weapons for more group dps with Heartseeker.


Right side should be a legit aoe spec now.  Only thing I see it missing is the additional way to get into stealth that Wreak Havoc has for the left side. 


Left side should be better on straight single target stuff and double conversion is the in-between option for when you have a moderate mix of st and aoe fights.  I like increasing the damage and boosting the reuse time...easier to work Blazing Shot in this way.


Doesn't change anything in our balance vs. beastlord/assassin as they both have very similar stuff.  But we should now have three solid prestige path choices to make depending on the content we're on. 

Just looking at it from an "armchair" perspective.....I honestly think going completely right side is going to be the best option for us as a class on whole...The reduced reuse and cast times on our AOE CA(s)/hidden shot is actually a worthwhile boost, with the 50% to clear Arrow Barrage, making hidden shot an aoe and overall dps improvement for Rapid Salvo along with current  use of in game wisdom line spec...who knows, but if I was going to be a betting man, I would say the pure right side is probably going to be the winner. Hands down now (at least for all scouts classes) we are/should be the clear bread winner for AOE(s)...not sure if thats what everyone else wanted persay, buts what the devs have definitely turned us into. (So its also very situtional based) In time we'll see, but for now as is I'm going to go all right side spec for prolly a majority of the time.

On a side note, if you look at it our utility is going to be DPS our new selling tag line to revive this class is going to be based on Melee AOE bosses with respectable group wide dps proc.....who knows maybe it will happen.



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