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some of you guys are getting really mean and nasty.  relax, we aren't talking about starting a world war here. 

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Are you like really believing people play like one or two characters or something? Get over it, people have multiple, I mean multiples in the teens, some even tweens, of Alts .... of CRAFTING alts.

Emerald Halls, they didn't, it was a failure and brought in the Age of Domino, ya know THAT whole thing, lighten up on the Dimsauce with your cheese please.

RoK, they had a Sokokar Timeline duuuuuh.  Their epic even had them runnin around out there gasp.

SF -- crafters had a use item to take them to the pandas TOO! oh mah gawdzor the gimpidity o'erwhems meh! AND they got a nifty Escape use item as a signature reward.

ALL without adventuring gasp.

Half my crafters were level 12 when they did all that.  I've got 22 crafters all factioned, unicorned epic'd, shawled etc. I've 3 92 adventurers, two who raided til I quit that scene during DoV.  Get over yourself.

edit's: gawd i cannot spell

Yes, and in every single case, adventurer+crafter combinations had the easiest time to acheive it all. Pure crafters could still do it, but the combo had it best. This is still the case. Pure crafters can get to skyshrine, but those who combo adventure+crafting can do it easier. To quote you "oh mah gawdzor the gimpidity o'erwhems meh!", thank you for prividing such a brilliant quote amongst the rest of your dribble.You have 22 crafters, all factioned, unicorned, shawled etc, and you're telling me to get over myself, because you are too lazy to click two griffons, followed by 1 horse, to safely get to skyshrine? Comical. Having "in the tweens" number of alts is rediculous. Expecting all of them to be spoon fed is even more so. I was amused how you referred to an era of the game where crafting was actually relevant, as the dark ages.  You have 3 * 92 adventurers? Grats. Plant a flag, and quit complaining.It is amazing how lazy some crafters have become. We used to have to invest effort into crafting, back when crafting was actually relevant, an era when being a max level crafter meant something. Times long gone.

your assumptions are rather offensive.  it's not "lazy"; rather, its time-consuming.  remember how, not that long ago, you used to have to take no less than 15 minutes to reach your destination?  that's what we are talking about here.  (timesink.)

furthermore, since when do all guilds have a flag?!?

p.s.  cloudrat, why is this in General Gameplay and not Tradeskill?

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