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The reason that they're taking away befriend animal is that they are trying to give all classes 4 endline in the sub-class tree. They added one to SKs and one to Monks to do this as well. Rangers are one of two classes to have 5 currently. They took the weakest, worst implemented of all 5 and got rid of it. They also took away one of the warlock's, the only other class to have 5. Ranger wont be getting anything in return because, frankly, the number of people who use that endline are few and very far between. Also, imo, if you need a pet to add DPS or survivability then you're playing the ranger wrong. In order to have points to get Befriend Animal, you have to take away from other, more important, dps AAs. A Ranger should be killing things before they get close, if it's not dead, then you use your trap effectively and the roots we have to back up and nuke more. I have soloed with my ranger at lower levels and this worked for me. You may not be able to take on some mobs be very few classes can solo ^^^ mobs that are even or above their level.
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