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Anekuh wrote:
Effidian wrote:

Regarding WIS v.s. STR, I copied my reply from another thread, so it wouldn't get lost.  The following is why STR is more DPS than WIS.  Really if you need the deaggro (and you are already running bliss), then you should just back off a bit.  That way when the tank you are with *can* hold it, you are set for maximum DPS potential.


1% melee crit is a 0.3% increase in melee CA DPS.  So, 13.9% melee crit (8 points in Precision of Blades) would be an increase of 4.17% for melee CA DPS.  If your zonewide melee is 10% that would be a zonewide increase of 0.417%.

8 points in Obfuscation would give you an 8% increase in CAs used after either Stealth or Spy.  If those CAs (Sniper, Stealth Fire, Kunark Blade, and Combustion Strike) are 10% of your zonewide, that would be a .8% increase.  That "seems" pretty good. 

However, there is an issue calculating for Obfuscation.  I never use either Stealth or Spy to go to stealth in combat, which are the only 2 arts that Obfuscation works with.  Longblade is up every 10 seconds and I just use that to get off stealth attacks, because it does DPS while going to stealth and only take .37 seconds to cast.  With 8 points in Obfuscation, Spy takes .5 seconds and Stealth takes 1 second to cast.  The damage you do using Longblade is > .8% zonewide.  Coverage is even better, at an instant cast and 25.6% increase to the next art (at M1), so *when* you can get that off, it is really nice.

 If Obfuscation worked with Longblade, I think it would be a no brainer to go Obfuscation.  However, since it doesn't, the Melee crit clearly benefits us more. 

Sorry to say, but I disagree. If your tank can't hold aggro, then get a new tank. We have 2 CAs that allow us to deaggro. Use them. Also, delay your attack so that your tank gets a "grip" on the mob.

I think he's saying: needing the deaggro on top of the other 2 we already have. Lately my tank has been good enough (in group settings) that I can just rely on bliss and hit the green deaggo only occasionally.
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