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This is frustrating.
I am and have been a big fan of Maergoth as he plays his Paladin in many different aspects. He and I took the defensive healing stance of a Paladin for the TSO expansion and we both did quite well with it when other Pallies thought it was not our place to stay alive, but to make the healers work harder.

Magnus chimed in, providing his feedback as well, which was surprising to see, but welcomed!

That begs the question, where is Jeal? Where is Stonestrong!

I am sad to see the changes and additions made to the class were not as significant as I believe others were.
For this expansion, I must play an Illy as our guild has an outstanding Paladin for our raids. If I want to continue with this guild, I'll stand by and play the Illy no problem.

But I still feel the base values of our existing buffs need to be raised. The Prestige tree was a let down, and most importantly, Crusaders Divine Aura needs it's upgrade it has needed since Zarrakon handed me my first noticeable *** kicking I thought I was prepared to handle.

Thanks for all your inputs Maergoth and Magnus, as usual, very much appreciated.

Devs, please respond to their requests at least with a "sorry, not right now". The hard work they put in the threads deserve something.
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