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Base Weapon Damage

Scouts (melee & ranged)
Ranger - 2.44
Assassin - 2.24
Rouges - 2.24
Bards 2.00

Summoners - 1.0 melee, 2.0 ranged
Sorcerers - 1.0 melee, 2.0 ranged
Enchanters - 1.3 melee, 1.0 ranged

Bump both melee and ranged up to a 2.0 base? This will allow the enchanters who like to melee to still have a slight advantage from auto attack damage with the .3 base added to melee damage from Quickening.

I know we need other fixes, but so do many other classes in this game. During beta for a new expansion is probably not the best time. Hopefully SOE will ask the player base once again for feedback to revamp and overhaul obsolete spells/abilities/AAs in the near future!
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