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How many times should a completely Legendary/Mastercrafted PUG expect to die while doing a TSO instance?

Assumg the players know what they are doing and are willing to be a "team"...I would say 1-2 wipes when tackling an encounter for the first  time.  Of course some instances are harder than others. 

It really depends on the instance, but if everyone in your group is in mastercrafted and RoK legendary, there's a good chance that you will wipe a few times even if all the people do everything "right" in the instance. Just an easy example, in the fight with Kaern, if he happens to port your healer and then scores a few criticals on the tank in short order, it's pretty much all over (that's one of the reasons that lesser geared groups would probably be well served to bring two healers along for that fight -- he likes to port people who aren't in melee range of him). Sometimes the random number generator just doesn't go your way, and gear can be the mitigating factor between winning and reviving.

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