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How many times should a completely Legendary/Mastercrafted PUG expect to die while doing a TSO instance?

Which TSO instance are you talking about? Specifying is kinda important, because if you're talking about any TSO instance in general, there's no real answer -- unless you think that all of them are supposed to be the same level of difficulty, which I very much doubt you believe.

However, since you didn't specify, I'll go with Caverns of the Afflicted, a nice, relatively easy instance. I think a completely legendary/mastercrafted PUG doing CotA the very first time should expect to die roughly 2-3 times.

However, with just a little luck & some communication -- i.e., like talking to each other before going in, to nail down roles & expectations & such -- it's quite possible for such a group to clear Caverns without wiping at all. I figure that if they've never done it before, they'll probably wipe on the Plague Crawler Queen at least once, tho; it's not immediately obvious what you need to do with her.

I'd say the same things about Evernight Abby & Scion of Ice, & I'm almost certain they're true of OoA as well.

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