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I believe knowing the zone and mobs abilities especially the tank and healer helps a lot in doing well in the TSO instances. Also the makeup of the group helps a lot too. A group with heavy dps tends to do very well. I play a healer (defiler) without any VP gear and no epic. So far has cleared the following zone with tank in mostly ROK legendary with a couple T1/T2 raid gear and some TSO 1 set of void armour.

Oblisk of Akhzul (solo heal)Scion of IceEvernight Abby  (solo heal)Caverns of the AfflictedVeksar: Sunken TheaterThe AnathemaAnchor of Bazzul  (solo heal)The Cruicable Halls of the Forsaken

All this zone can be done without raid geared tank with 2 healers once you have figured out all the encounters. With VP gear, these zones are just a walk in the park.

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