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erin wrote:

Kendricke wrote:

Yella wrote:

 The fact is that there is no, zero, nada, intermediate content at all in the expansion.

Simple question: Have you run Obelisk of Ahk'zul?

You seriously want to call that "intermediate content"?  A zone that requires people to actually work together and run the script properly?  Have you ever run OoA with a PUG?

Only thing I can think of is the second mob, and all you need to do for that is have ranged DPS and a healer stand on the edge of the bouncy thing killing it, and all your melee DPS and your tank bouncing around playing pop the bubble.

While that 'technically' would be defined as a script, it less teamwork than a tank/spank mob, and about as much thought.

What exactly is hard about that? Seriously, I want to know...


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