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I think Kendricke is right: people are looking for excuses -- not reasons -- for their failure, & then falling back comfortably on the notion that their failures were someone else's fault.

Here I thought that was a jab at the school system where we don't want folks to feel bad, or have an issue with "loosing" so everyone get's a congrats reward just for playing.

Well, actually Ohiv, I personally think that all of this guff we're seeing has a lot to do with modern-day "political correctness" in which everyone's personal lifestyle choice is to be not merely respected, but validated, & nobody is ever to be told they're "wrong" at anything, or ever "forced" to lose, because being wrong or losing is bad for one's self-esteem.

& yes, I do think that rot begins in public schools & spreads from there, but this is now veering into Off Topics-ville.

Well, you don't seem to take kindly to being told that you are wrong either. If you spent less time in assuming you were right and stopped to stand in someone else shoes, you might get a better perspective of the issues they are facing, which are very clearly not those that you are facing.

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