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We ran this zone tonight: Mostly mystical/Maw/GE gear in the raid with heroic/MC ears/rings/wrists for resists.

Grevog - Fun fight, easy enough to figure out and execute after a few pulls. It did seem that the tanks were mostly out of the fight. After the first beserk phase ended, the second berserk started pretty soon after so our chances to do anything and not grab aggro were pretty limited.

Zebrun - Also a decently fun fight. The ticking damage from Decomposing Stench was hitting for 700-750k every 4 seconds when Zebrun got to 9 stacks. Pretty sure everyone in raid was at or over the 150k recommended resists and with a 800k recommended HP pool that seems like a lot of damage to heal through.

Grethah - Figured out the joust and that we needed to kill the adds quickly (although we weren't close to the DPS check). Adds reported at 3.1b HP each so I assume the change you mentioned (2b each) hasn't gone to the beta servers yet. The immunity to being rezzed was interesting. I like encouraging not dying.

We'll see what we can do on this encounter once we get up to this in live but I'll agree with the other poster above that if we're expected to burn 8b HP in 35s (228m DPS), the first 2 names are a bit out of balance HP wise unless you are viewing this encounter as a fairly significant jump in difficulty (i.e. the first 2 names are more of a pickup raid level of difficulty).
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